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The Payday Loan Industry is growing 30% per year. Today's economic environment is driving consumers to seek fast, no-hassle solutions to their temporary financial needs. Payday loans and other AFS (Alternative Financial Services) offer the solution. There is a constant barage of new strategies, tactics, legislation, vendor solutions, software offerings and more. As a result, the various payday loan start-up and training materials listed below are updated on a monthly basis.

Starting a payday loan internet business

If you're uncertain which Manual you need, consider this: if you're relatively new to payday loans, start with our 500+ page "How to Loan Money to the Masses Startup & Training Bible" via immediate download in Adobe Acrobat. If your plans include immediate integration of the Internet by marketing to payday loan consumers via your web site(s), don't worry. Our "Bible" thoroughly covers the "Internet Model" as well as the "Store Model."

If you're an investor, a hedge fund, a vendor or supplier in need of in-depth knowledge about the payday loan industry, again, our 500+ page "How to Loan Money to the Masses Bible" will more than satisfy your quest for insight and knowledge.

How to Loan Money to the Masses Bible:8 1/2 X 11, 500+ pages, illustrated. For store and Internet operations, VC's, Hedge Funds and other interested parties with a need for both "macro" and "in-the-trenches" perspectives. How to start or improve a payday loan, car title loan, installment loan... consumer lending business. Includes specific legislation & licensing information and applications for your state or province. Updated monthly. We use this Manual in our stores and in our Internet business. Includes additional resources, licensing applications, sample contracts and forms... More info
Jer receives requests to "pick-his-brain" daily. If you're serious about the AFS industry and you want to talk to one of the "best minds in our industry," set-up a call:
Payday Loan or Car Title Boot Camp: 2-Day Intensive "Hands-On" Training in our Store! $3750. Includes our 500+ page Manual, CD, State License Application & Docs, 2-days training in our Store. Spend 2 days on the job in a "live" store in Lake Forest, Calif. (10 miles from Disneyland.) More info
Two weeks prior to your scheduled training, we'll need the balance of your training investment: $3075.00
PDL Excel Pro Forma - Immediate Download - Excel Spreadsheet: A very sophisticated tool! We have provided suggested "inputs" regarding Pro Forma metrics for a new or existing PDL enterprise. Your Team may change inputs and project your costs, ROI... This tool is invaluable to investors, VC's...anyone having a need to run loan volume, lead costs, transaction fees, employee head counts, call center fees, customer acquisition costs, and line item details having various scenarios. There is nothing like this available anywhere. To recreate this tool, you need experienced PDL portfolio managers and an Excel expert! More info
Payday Loan & Check Casher Business Valuations: Your guide to starting, selling or purchasing a payday loan or check cashing business. 8 1/2 X 11, 25 pages. More info
Complete State Payday Loan Laws: DETAILED state-by-state legislation Analysis. Download immediately in Adobe Acrobat plus we'll ship a CD to you (allow 2 - 4 days delivery for our CD). Do you need immediate access to the latest payday loan laws, legislation, rules and license applications for all 50 states? We've just completed a MAJOR update of our CD, "The Complete 50-State Reference for Payday Loan Laws & License Applications."WE GUARANTEE this CD will save you and your team hours of research time; UNCONDITIONALLY! Our "50 State Payday Loan Resource Guide" is in Adobe Acrobat. More info

CSO/CAB Credit Services Organization Report: Texas Credit Access Business (CAB) and Credit Services Organization (CSO) More info
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Trihouse Consulting

Trihouse Consulting
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Trihouse Consulting
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