Payday Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Payday Loan Frequently Asked Questions  
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Payday Loan Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Payday Loan Training Manual Include?
    The Training Manual is a 500 plus page 3-ring binder covering step-by-step procedures, tactics, strategies, legal forms, and 20 chapters covering every aspect of starting and operating a payday loan business successfully. Additionally, we include a CD with legal forms, marketing materials, etc., for your use. Click here for MORE DETAILS
  • How much money is required to start a payday loan business?
    We know of individuals starting with as little as $1000. The key is do you plan to begin with a mobile operation, work out of your home, lease a store front location, an office location, offer payday loans via a web site, OR...
  • What does the Payday Loan Training Manual cost?
    $297.45 (US)
  • How do I order a Payday Loan Training Manual?
    Purchase online using our secure server via credit card including MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover. Or you may purchase by check online. Or simply call us.
  • How is the Payday Loan Training Manual shipped?
    In the US, we ship Priority Mail, United States Post Office. Generally domestic shipments are received in 2-3 days. Most International Shipments are an additional $29.00. They are shipped Global Priorty Mail. We will advise you of your exact cost BEFORE adding a shipping charge to your credit card. NOTE: If you elect to purchase online or snail mail by check, you must allow 7-14 days for your check to clear your bank. Money Order & cashier check orders are shipped immediately.
  • What geographic areas does the Payday Loan Training Manual cover?
    All of the United States and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, South Africa, England, and others. Generally, the tactics, strategies, forms, etc. are appropriate wherever payday loans are conducted. The exceptions are in the areas of social security numbers, direct deposit, or the lack of checking accounts.
  • Tell me about your Seminars
    The seminars are conducted 3-4 times each year in Nevada. We simply begin in Chapter One of the Payday Loan Training Manual and proceed to the last chapter. The payday loan seminars are geared to complete business novices and may move too slowly for sophisticated business persons.
  • If I pay by personal or business check, how quickly will the Payday Loan Training Manual be shipped?
    You can order by check online and we will ship immediately! Or snail mail us; Personal & business checks must clear both our banks before the Payday Advance Training Manual will be shipped. You may fax your check to 1-949-666-5171 to expedite the process. Or, you may purchase by check via our online order process. To do so, simply click on the "Click to Buy" button on this page. Then click on the "Add to Cart" button. Then click on the "Checkout" button. Fill out the information requested. At the bottom of that page you may elect to pay by online check or Snail Mail.

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